A path well worn

We pulled into Sedona and the thermometer on the truck read 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The town reminded us of Disneyland with every store front beckoning at the tourists to make their way inside. It was fudge and ice cream shops. It was commodified bohemian loaded with crystals, aura photos and Himalayan salt lamps.

We drove around for a while, letting the red rocks wash over us while keeping an eye out for anything that might warrant pulling over. We saw what looked to be local twenty somethings walking down a well worn and unsanctioned path wearing nothing but swim suits and wide smiles. Their towels whipped vigorously in the wind, waving as if in invitation to join them. By the time we parked and started in their direction they had disappeared into the woods so we followed the path down the cliffside and eventually found ourselves standing next to a rushing creek deep inside the canyon.

When we found the twenty somethings they had already laid our their towels and had drinks in their hands. Their smiles were still wide as they posed for selfies and waded out into the ice cold water. We smiled wide too and drank in the beauty of the serendipitous scene. We remembered it was our two month wedding anniversary and I stood on a rock so our faces could meet without having to crane our necks. We were warm, and full and in love.



Author: Courtney Doker

Hello! I'm a product designer, originally from the south, living and working in Brooklyn.

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