Wet times in bayou country

It was still storming out in the Walmart parking lot in Pensacola, FL when we woke up this morning. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in our little home, returned our Redbox rental of Call Me By Your Name (A+), and found the nearest RV-friendly gas station. The pump didn’t auto shut-off, and our gas tank gushingly overflowed (a personal first). A lot of gasoline went onto the pavement, but I managed not to get any on my shoes or hands, and the lady behind the counter said it was no biggie.

The lovely Mississippi welcome center had a free dump station, so we used that to empty the black and gray water tanks. The tank emptying was satisfying and clean. There was a hose there to wash off your dumping equipment. We learned that it only had 2 settings: off and very very on. En route to this discovery Courtney accidentally sprayed me from mouth to thigh like we were in a slapstick comedy, and we laughed heartily. Rather than changing clothes I just decided to “wear them dry.”

It started pouring rain in the Louisiana bayou, and the temperature dropped what felt like 20 degrees. We stopped at a rest area in the middle of the Atchafalaya Basin and made a run for it right as it really started coming down. We got soaked. When we got back to the rig another Airstream had pulled up alongside us, and we made some new friends before rolling on.

The sun was setting at our last gas stop of the night, just before the Texas border. It was now below 50 degrees, and I was cold and still pretty damp from the whole day. We made it into Beaumont, TX to another Walmart parking lot, and walked across some crosswalk-free roads to get to a Vietnamese pho restaurant in a neighboring big-box strip mall.

Now we’re back in our home and tucked in for the night. There are a half dozen other RVs all around us. My wet clothes are almost dry and the dehumidifier chugging away. Tomorrow we head to Austin.

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