Getting started


Hello world. This is my first post documenting the journey that Jeff and I are about to embark on living nomadically across the United States. I’m going to do my best to not spend too much time scrutinizing each post to ensure that I actually keep up with this; therefore a lot of these might not have perfect grammar, or might be stream of consciousness but I’m okay with it if you are. Jeff and I just got married 10 days ago (!!!) and we’re currently prepping the Airstream to officially hit the road on Monday April 2nd. Our first small stop will be Gainesville Florida where we’ll be leaving the Airstream with JD Sanders to have some of our systems repaired and checked. From there we’ll be headed to Little Rock Arkansas for a week as a midway stopping point until we land in our first big destination, Santa Fe New Mexico. The current plan is to reach Santa Fe on Sunday April 15th. In my next post I’ll show pictures of the interior and document some of the cosmetic changes we decided to make to suit our personal tastes.


Author: Courtney Doker

Hello! I'm a product designer, originally from the south, living and working in Brooklyn.

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  1. I love and admire you both for taking this leap and doing something “out of the box”. I pray for safe travels and that you enjoy every moment of this adventure. Can’t wait to read ALL about it. I love you Courtney and Jeff Doker!

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